Student hits half-court shot at Clemson’s preseason event (VIDEO)


Throughout the history of Midnight Madness, which is more of an “Evening Madness” with the recent changes to when teams can begin practicing, college students attempting half-court shots for prizes has been a common occurrence. Prizes at various schools have included a new car, tuition for the year and even cash prizes.

Friday night at Clemson’s early season event, named “Rock the John,” sophomore Ryan Beck attempted a half-court shot with a prize of $25,000 on the line. As you can see in the video above Beck made the shot. All that stands between Beck and his cash prize is certification from the vendor, which in all likelihood means that they need to make sure he didn’t cross the line before releasing the ball or anything to that effect.

Beck stated in the post-shot interview that he would use the money to help pay for his tuition.