Kyle Wiltjer draining 70 of 75 threes (VIDEO)


Kyle Wiltjer’s reputation coming out of high school was that he was a shooter, a power forward that could cause problems with his ability to stretch the floor.

Things didn’t work out for him at Kentucky, largely due to the fact that he was in terrible shape and needed to put in some serious work on his body.

He ended up at Gonzaga, where he spent his redshirt season working out developing some strength, athleticism and an appetite for contact in the post. But the man can still shoot, as evidenced by a video that he posted on youtube today:

As a self-appointed world class shooter myself, it’s important to note here that Wiltjer is shooting at anything but game-speed here. Getting up 75 threes in five minutes in not very many, but regardless of how quickly he’s letting them fly, making 70 out of 75 is pretty impressive.

I have no idea how Gonzaga is going to defend with the likes of Kevin Pangos, Kyle Wiltjer and Przemek Karnowski on the floor together at the same time, but good luck trying to find a way to defend the Zags this season.

(h/t Jeff Eisenberg)