Alabama president Judy Bonner on Daisha Simmons: ‘Alabama considers this matter closed’


Last week, I told you about Daisha Simmons, the former Alabama women’s basketball player who has been sent to NCAA purgatory thanks to the Crimson Tide’s evil, vindictive decision not to support her waiver to be declared immediately eligible.

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You can read all about the shameful, petulant actions of Alabama head coach Kristy Curry right here, and despite the fact that powerful voices like Jay Bilas and Keith Olbermann have weighed in on the matter, the Crimson Tide still won’t budge.

“I received your request for a meeting,” Alabama President Judy Bonner said in an email, obtained by the Asbury Park Press, to Donald Maurice Jackson, an attorney representing Simmons. “Because you have already spoken with (deputy athletics director) Shane Lyons and because the NCAA has made its decision in this case, The University of Alabama considers this matter closed. Therefore, there is no reason for us to meet to continue any discussion of this matter.”

Let me just recap this for you.

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Simmons finished her undergraduate degree last December. She was not accepted into Alabama’s MBA program, according to reports, so after the season ended, she left to transfer to Seton Hall to pursue the graduate degree she wanted. She also wanted to move closer to home because her mom, who got sick, was working two jobs and trying to take care of her 32-year old brother, who has renal disease and is undergoing dialysis.

But Alabama won’t allow her to play this season because Simmons made this decision in late-May, which hurt Alabama’s ability to replace her.

Kristy Curry, Alabama’s women’s coach, is despicable. So is athletics director Bill Battle, and we might as well lump Judy Bonner in there as well.