Purdue athletic department will sell copies of old game films

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If you’ve ever been on a college basketball message board for an extended period of time, you know that fans love to swap stories about the old days.

This will also lead to fans asking about copies of old game films, which seem to be incredibly hard to come by, in many cases.

Purdue is hoping to help solve this problem with its fans by offering up game film for sale through a company converts and preserves old game footage.

SPARX Enterprises has a new five-year agreement with Purdue, according to a release from the school, and the company specializes in collecting, organizing, preserving and marketing the history of college athletics. Purdue will offer up old games of its college football, men’s and women’s basketball and other athletic programs as located in Purdue’s archives.

SPARX hopes to eventually have 600 schools on board with the service and it seems like a great idea for schools to preserve their game footage while also offering fans the opportunity to get copies of old game films.

Purdue will offer games that go as far back as 1931 with the new agreement.

Pricing will vary for the games, but Purdue’s release lists the pricing as follows:

– Games played before 1960 cost $120 per game
– Games played 1961 to 1999 cost $110 per game
– Games played 2000 and after cost $80 per game

Discounts are also available for volume orders.

The pricing may be a little steep, but it’s nice to see that some schools are beginning to give fans a chance to re-live the glory days of their fandom by offering hard-to-find games from their archives.