Richard Pitino warns Minnesota fans not to trust his dad before Louisville opener


Richard Pitino has one of the best blogs run by a college basketball coach.

The Minnesota head coach updates fans on how the team is doing, facilities and recruiting in his posts but this week, he took a moment to warn Golden Gopher fans about how his father, Louisville head coach Rick Pitino, would act before the November game.

Here’s the portion of Richard Pitino’s blog on that is dedicated to his father:

Hoops season is just around the corner and we need to be ready. Not too many programs open up their season vs. a top-five team on national TV. Gopher fans, I must warn you. Ignore anything and everything that comes out of my father’s mouth leading up to this game. He does it on the golf course all the time and will start playing mind games with all of us soon enough! Pay no attention to him. He will say they are young and inexperienced. They are talented, athletic and obviously well-coached. He will tell everyone we are the overwhelming favorite. Prepare yourselves. He tried to coach my team last year during the NIT championship. I am looking forward to watching him try to coach both teams at once on November 14th! Haha.

Overall, a pretty funny statement from the younger Pitino on the big game on the opening night of college basketball. Minnesota and Louisville are playing on November 14th in the Armed Forces Classic in Puerto Rico.

For the younger Pitino to strike first with this statement should make things interesting as we get closer to the game in two months.