Mike Krzyzewski gets doused by grandkids in #icebucketchallenge (VIDEO)


Mike Krzyzewski, the head coach for Duke and Team USA, accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on Wednesday, allowing his grandchildren to dump a couple of coolers full of ice water on his head.

The grandkids were a nice touch, as you can hear one kid in the background saying, “Let’s do it again!” Also, we learned that Coach K is known as ‘Poppy’ to his grandchildren. I’m sure there are a few fans in Chapel Hill and Raleigh that can make use of that tidbit.

Coach K extended the challenge out to the members of Team USA, and if you listen to his challenge, the team will be getting ice water dumped on them by cadets at West Point. That video ought to be fun to make.

Coach K’s performance isn’t quite as impressive as the one Tim Miles of Nebraska put together yesterday, but anyone getting into the mix is doing it for a good cause. Millions have been donated to the pursuit of a cure for ALS in recent weeks.