Report: Oklahoma State center Gary Gaskins expected to transfer

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Oklahoma State is expected to lose a transfer as ESPN‘s Jeff Goodman reported that 6-foot-10 junior center Gary Gaskins is expected to seek his release and transfer from the program.

A former junior college big man, who also spent some time in the military, Gaskins could be eligible right away, according to Goodman.

Gaskins only played 34 minutes last season for Oklahoma State, as he scored nine points and grabbed 15 rebounds for the entire season.

Losing Gaskins isn’t really a big deal for Oklahoma State, since he barely got any burn last season, but it’s always interesting to see which teams will recruit a 6-foot-10 transfer with the school year beginning shortly.

There could be a market of high-major programs that pursue Gaskins to add another big body to the roster and Goodman reported that Tennessee, Nebraska, Georgia Tech and Temple could all be involved once Gaskins receives his release.