Joel Embiid likes Cristiano Ronaldo, is hated on Twitter

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Joel Embiid may have played his college basketball on American soil, and he may be planning out how to make a career out of playing in the NBA, but that doesn’t mean that Embiid is American.

He’s Cameroonian, and he grew up as a fan of the soccer club Real Madrid.

I bring this up because last night, as the USA were in the midst of putting the finishing touches on gracing Portugal with the gift of a draw in World Cup group play, Embiid tweeted out his support for Cristiano Ronaldo, the banged-up Portuguese superstar that delivered a sparkling cross to the head of Silvestre Vilera in the 95th minute:

As you might imagine, the backlash from American basketball fans still stinging from that last-second goal was vitriolic (Note: this is only the PG-13 stuff):

And then we get to this guy, who spent the entirety of Sunday night ripping Embiid on twitter. This was the cleanest tweet he sent:

There was a lot of blowback for what he had to say, which resulted in one of the most ironic tweets I’ve ever come across: