Texas once again has the richest athletic department in the country


Texas has the richest athletic department in the country.

The Longhorns generated more than $165 million in revenue, last year, churning out nearly $19 million in profit despite a) not receiving a single dollar in subsidies from the state or the school and b) spending the most on athletics, $146, 807,585.

Wisconsin brought in the second more revenue, at just over $149 million.

In total, 13 schools — Texas, Wisconsin, Alabama, Michigan, Ohio State, Florida, Oklahoma, LSU, Oregon, Tennessee, Iowa, Penn State and Oregon — had revenues of more than $100 million. Oregon is the only one of those 13 schools that did not spend nine figures on athletic expenses.

By comparison, Coppin State, a MEAC school in Baltimore, had revenues and expenses below $4 million, with more than 75% of the revenue coming into the athletic department the result of subsidies. Chicago State, who had less than $7 million in revenue, got more than 94% of that money from subsidies.

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