Go behind-the-scenes as Kentucky makes a wish come true (VIDEO)


John Calipari has proven over and over again that he’s willing to use the power of Big Blue Nation and the celebrity status of his players to do quite a bit of charity work.

This was the most recent example, as he let Josh Fleming become a part of the team for a day-and-a-half leading up to the LSU game. But that’s far from it.

He held telethons to raise money for victims of the earthquake in Haiti and Hurricane Sandy, generating for than $1.7 million in total. A number of his players have had stories made public about spending their time with sick children, most notably Nerlens Noel, who famously brought a seven-year old Leukemia patient to the Kentucky Derby with him.

Calipari has his detractors, and there will certainly be cynics who simply claim that this is nothing more than an effort to get some positive publicity for his program, but, frankly, does it even matter?

I don’t think Josh Fleming cares one bit about why he got a chance to spend a day with his favorite team.

I’m sure all he cares about is the fact that he got to shoot hoops with Jarrod Polson and sat next to James Young in the locker room after a buzzer-beating win.