Report: Four-team, three-city, eight-day barnstorming tour

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Michigan State AD Mark Hollis is the king of coming up with cool ideas for college basketball events, which includes playing basketball on aircraft carriers.

While that idea went south pretty quickly, his latest is about as good as it gets.

According to Andy Katz of, a four-team barnstorming event is going to take place in 2018 involving Florida, Texas, North Carolina and Michigan State that will take them through New York, Chicago and LA. How will it work? Glad you asked: the four teams will share a chartered jet and go on an eight-day tour across the country. They’ll play a round robin at the local NBA arenas — Madison Square Garden, United Center, Staples Center — with each locale getting a different matchup.

It’s proposed start date is Dec. 15th, 2018, which means that the event will happen after classes and before the holidays.

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?