NCAA opposes HJR-3, supports marriage equality in Indiana


The NCAA has made their feelings known about marriage equality in the United States.

They support it.

According to a report from Michael Pointer of the Indianapolis Star, the NCAA opposes HJR-3, an amendment to the Indiana state constitution that would ban same-sex marriages and prohibit civil unions.

“The NCAA national office leadership strongly supports an environment of inclusion where all of our employees are treated fairly and enjoy equal protection under the law,” NCAA spokesman Bob Williams said. “We urge Indiana lawmakers to legislate in the same spirit.”

The NCAA has made their feelings on social issues known in the past. In 2001, they banned the state of South Carolina from hosting NCAA championships because the confederate flag is flown on their statehouse grounds. In 2005, they banned schools with mascots they deemed inappropriate from hosting NCAA championships or using their mascots in those events.

According to the report, the NCAA will not get involved further since this is an issue only for the state of Indiana.