Russ Smith escorts high school freshman for her homecoming court

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Stories like this make you smile.

Russ Smith was attending a high school basketball game because he’s good friends with Dean Baumert — a former student manager at Louisville — who is now an assistant coach with Eastern High School. It just so happened that the high school game was part of a double-header, so Smith was there to catch some freshmen girls high school basketball action, as well.

Manual High School’s — Eastern’s opponent — Tonysha Curry, got stood up by her homecoming date. So, what did Curry do? She mustered up enough courage to ask Smith to step in for her date.

“I was like, ‘I don’t know if I can do it. I’m scared,’” Curry told Jason Frakes of “I just walked over there and said, ‘Excuse me, can you please escort me for homecoming court.’ He was like, ‘Can I do it? Really? Really?’”

One can only imagine Smith’s reaction when approached by the high school freshman — it made his day.

“It actually made my day more than hers,” Smith said. “It was really nice of her to ask me, so I got up and did it for her. … That never happens. It’s one-in-a-million.”