Ethan Wragge honored with ‘Lumberjack Night’ (VIDEO)

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This is terrific.

Ethan Wragge is the most unique player in college basketball. He’s Creighton’s “center”, but he rarely, if ever, steps inside the three-point line. He’s scored more than 1,000 points in his career and has attempted 53 two-pointers, a fact made all the more wild when you consider that he never stepped beyond the three-point line until he was a sophomore in high school.

Well, Wragge, who hit nine threes and seven in six minutes in a win over No. 4 Villanova on Monday, has been dubbed (ahem) The Lumberjack. And to honor the senior, Creighton will be hosting Lumberjack Night on Feb. 7th.

Using a clip from a Monty Python skit was ingenious.

The next step?

Getting video of Wragge singing it.