Cameron Crazies out-crazied by Otto’s Army? Maybe (PHOTOS)


The Cameron Crazies may have outdone themselves this year.

It’s currently January 20th. Duke hosts North Carolina on March 8th. But according to Duke Blue Planet, the picture that you see above is of Duke students already beginning their camp out to get the best seats for a game against a North Carolina team that, frankly, is not all that good.

Maniacs. I love it.

This was all sparked by associate head coach Steve Wojciechowski tweeting out a picture of Krzyzewskiville on Sunday.

Here’s the thing: Duke fans aren’t the only ones that are out of their minds. In fact, I’d make the argument that Syracuse fans are more out there. Here’s why: Duke is in North Carolina, and while it can get cold in the Mid-Atlantic region, you’re mostly dealing with temperatures in the 40s and 50s.

Syracuse is a completely different beast. It’s frigid. It’s arctic. It’s dark and snowy and the land that global warming forgot. And yet, their students — known as Otto’s Army — have begun camping out in Boeheimburg to get their tickets for the Duke games:

That will be played on Dec. 1st, meaning that they’ll be camping for almost two weeks.

Enjoy that.