Christian Laettner jersey worn during ‘The Shot’ fetches $119,500 at auction

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It’s one of the greatest plays in the history of college basketball.

Christian Laettner’s iconic turnaround, buzzer-beater against Kentucky in the Elite Eight of the 1992 NCAA Tournament sent Duke to a 104-103 overtime win — and the Final Four — and earlier this week, the No. 32 jersey that Laettner wore during that famous contest was sold at an auction by

The auction for Laettner’s No. 32 jersey originally began just before Christmas as the bidding started at $100,000, but the winning bid ended up being for $119,500 on

Among the other auctions that ended on of some interest to college basketball fans: a 1940 Indiana Hoosiers National Championship ring, radio equipment, a score sheet and advertising sign from the 1966 championship game between Texas Western and Kentucky and a 1961 Cincinnati Bearcats National Championship ring that belonged to reserve center Fred Dierking.

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