POSTERIZED: Which Deonte Burton is the best Deonte Burton? (VIDEO)


Last night, Nevada’s Deonte Burton caught one of the most impressive alley-oops that we’ve seen this season, reaching all the way back to throw down a dunk in transition.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen Burton do something like this. (Evidence. Evidence. Evidence. The dude can dunk, alright?) It wasn’t the last time we’d see him raise up during the game, as he nearly threw down another poster on a drive down the lane. It clanged off the back of the rim, but the man — and his 29 points — had made his point.

But here’s the thing: there’s another Deonte Burton playing at Marquette. And while he’s lefty and more of a forward than a point guard, he’s still doing things like this:

So I ask you, which Deonte Burton is the best Deonte Burton?