POSTERIZED: Florida College’s Anthony Allen rips off rim on dunk (VIDEO)



Anthony Allen is an athletic, 6-6 forward that plays for Florida College in  the United States College Athletic Association.

So why should you care about him?

Well, he ripped a rim off this weekend. With about a minute left in a game against Warner University, Allen threw down a teammates missed layup with such force that the rim broke off in his hands.

Again, this didn’t break the backboard. There is no shattered glass here. Allen simply snapped a metal rim off.

“I’m still kind of stunned by the whole thing,” Florida College coach Jim Romkey told Yahoo! Sports. “It literally broke the rim. It wasn’t showing any wear. It just snapped the metal right in half. It wasn’t like these were 45-year-old rims either. The rims were put up three years ago when we put our new gym floor in. They were regulation.”

I mean, just look at this: