Chane Behanan, Luke Hancock to be back for Louisville’s game Tuesday

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I don’t know if you saw Louisville’s game against Charleston on Saturday afternoon, but it was much closer than the 70-48 final would indicate. Louisville was up 48-45 with seven minutes left in the game.

What happened?

Well, I was of the opinion that Louisville’s offense became completely one-dimensional due to the fact that Chane Behanan and Luke Hancock were out and Wayne Blackshear was struggling.

That won’t be an issue anymore, and head coach Rick Pitino announced on Monday that not only was Hancock going to be back in uniform on Tuesday after an injury kept him out of the opener, but that Behanan had been reinstated to the team following an indefinite suspension in mid-October.

He might play on Tuesday against Hofstra.

Surprising, right?

Behanan was suspended from the program for violating school rules. Pitino said that is was “possible, not probable” that Behanan would be allowed back onto the team, and that it would be, at the earliest, mid-December.

I guess he exaggerated a little bit, didn’t he?