Travis Bader’s nickname is McLovin?


Travis Bader is a favorite of the folks that write here at College Basketball Talk.

We ranked him the No. 69 player in the country. We slotted him as the No. 16 off-guard in the country. He was a second-team mid-major all-american, mostly because of the strength of the mid-major guards across the country this season. One of our preseason features was on Bader and his pursuit of J.J. Redick’s three point record.

So yeah, we’re fans.

Which only made the discovery of Bader’s nickname that much more awesome.

“The first practice he did something and I couldn’t remember his name,” Oakland head coach Greg Kampe told Mark Snyder of the Detroit Free Press. “I looked at him, and I go, ‘McLovin, get over here.’ And the players just started laughing, and so that’s what they called him all year and I called him that a few times myself. But he looked like he was 12 years old.”

McLovin? What is he, an Irish R&B singer?