Rutgers wing Kerwin Okoro cleared to play immediately


This offseason the way in which transfer eligibility waivers are handed out came under some fire, as many wanted more transparency (and even consistency) from the NCAA in dealing with such issues. While some players would have their requests granted due to a family hardship, other had no such luck.

One of those players was Rutgers wing Kerwin Okoro, whose request was denied despite the fact that he lost two family members (his father and brother) during his lone season at Iowa State. As a result Okoro played in just nine games last season, and he’d ultimately decide that he wanted to attend a school closer to his his native Bronx, N.Y. Given the personal losses suffered, if anyone had a case for being allowed to play immediately one would think Okoro would be that person.

But the NCAA didn’t see it that way initially. However there is an appeals process, and according to the Rutgers athletic department Okoro’s appeal has been granted, making him eligible to play in 2013-14.

Adding Okoro gives first-year head coach Eddie Jordan additional depth on the perimeter, with guards Myles Mack and Jerome Seagears (who transferred to Auburn before having a change of heart) being the most experienced players. The questions for Rutgers are in the front court however, as they’ve yet to hear anything regarding the statuses of Pitt transfer J.J. Moore and freshman Junior Etou.

If the Scarlet Knights receive favorable rulings for Moore and/or Etou they’ve got the potential to be a formidable program in the American Athletic Conference before moving to the Big Ten in 2014.