Duke introduces Jabari Parker in their latest Summer Grind (VIDEO)



Yesterday, a video of Tennessee’s Jeronne Maymon draped in boa constrictors and working his way through rehab with a spoken word version of Johnny Cash playing in the background made the rounds on the internet because, well, that’s so ridiculous it’s awesome.

On Tuesday, Duke also released the latest in their preseason Summer Grind series, this one featuring incoming freshman Jabari Parker, a kid from Chicago’s violent south side that grew up a practicing Mormon.

“I’m from the South Side of Chicago,” Parker says in the video. “A place where nothing is given to you. It drives me to represent the city well. To whom much is given, much is required. That’s a scripture my mom taught. Make the most of the talent you have, it’s on me to expand my potential.”

It may not be as brash and in-your-face as Maymon’s video, but this production from Duke sure does a good job encapsulating one of the nation’s most unique recruits.