RIP Butler Blue II: Butler University’s mascot passes away

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It is with heavy hearts that we report to you that Butler’s beloved mascot, Butler Blue II, has passed away due to complications from congestive heart failure.

Blue retired as Butler’s mascot on May 20th, but he officially handed over duties to Blue III, aka “Trip”, in a ceremony on March 9th.

“Blue really galvanized the pride and tradition of having a live mascot at Butler,” owner Michael Kaltenmark said in a university release. “His daily presence on campus, online and at everything from athletic events to black tie galas made him a living and breathing fixture of the Butler brand. He was born for the role.”

“Blue epitomized the Butler Way. We will miss him very much,” Butler president Jim Danko said.

Blue II was always beloved in Indianapolis, but he gained national fame as Butler made back-to-back national title games, because who doesn’t love an adorable English Bulldog pup?

Blue II was nine years old, but was beloved my many across the college basketball community: