Former Indiana guard Devan Dumes facing more legal issues

Former Indiana guard Devan Dumes is in more legal hot water following a July 24th traffic stop in which he possessed illegal drugs, an unlicensed firearm and also attempted to flee police, according to an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department report.
The charges have led to a Thursday hearing in which Dumes will face a judge in the Marion Superior Court to determine whether he violated conditions for his release while he awaits trial for a January incident — in which he faces attempted murder and several other charges — following the shooting of Keith Jones in the neck during an alleged dispute over the purchase of a Chevrolet Camaro.
Bill McCleery of the USA Today also notes that Dumes has other hearings scheduled as well.
That arrest constitutes a violation of the terms under which Dumes, 25, of Indianapolis, has been allowed to live outside of jail pending his trial, said A.J. Deer, a spokesman for the Marion County prosecutor.
The drugs found in Dumes’ possession included cocaine, Deer said.
The ex-player has another hearing — on Aug. 21 — in connection solely to the drugs-and-firearms case now stemming from the July 24 arrest.
A judge this week must first determine whether Dumes will remain in jail on the attempted murder charge.
Dumes is also scheduled for a September 10th pre-trial hearing for a theft case in which he is accused of possessing a stolen handgun and also having possession of marijuana.
All three hearings that the 25-year old Dumes is scheduled to appear at will be heard at the Marion Superior Court.
Dumes started his collegiate career at Eastern Michigan, before transferring to junior college power Vincennes University, and spending his final two seasons at Indiana.
Dumes is currently being held at the Marion County Jail according to Marion County prosecutor spokesman A.J. Deer.