Jay Bilas blasts NCAA on Twitter in wake of Johnny Manziel scandal, Ed O’Bannon case (PHOTOS)


Jay Bilas is many things.

He’s a Duke grad, as talented of a college basketball analyst as he is photobomber. He’s also an avid Twitter user — more than 530,000 followers — and when it comes to the NCAA, he isn’t shy about voicing his criticism.

Over the weekend, the NCAA began investigating Texas A&M sophomore quarterback and reigning Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel for allegedly selling autographs. For several years now the NCAA has been in a battle with former UCLA forward Ed O’Bannon, who sued the organization in 2009 for using his likeness in a video game. The NCAA was still profiting off O’Bannon, which forced the lawsuit, and the NCAA is currently profiting on Manziel. Bilas was more than happy to spend his Tuesday exposing that by using the NCAA’s online store, ShopNCAASports.com .