Georgia Tech guard Christopher Bolden charged for DUI


On Saturday, August 3rd, rising Georgia Tech sophomore guard Christopher Bolden was arrested on multiple charges: purchase or possession of alcohol my a minor, speeding, improper lane change, and driving under the influence — drugs/alcohol.

Georgia Tech has not released a statement regarding these charges.

Just last December, Georgia Tech assistant coach Josh Postorino was arrested for driving under the influence while on a recruiting trip in Florida. The school released the following statement on Postorino: “[Postorino will take an] indefinite period of time in order to deal with personal issues.”

It remains to be seen how Georgia Tech will handle this situation with Bolden, but if we are to go by history, he may see an indefinite suspension like his coach, Postorino.

As a freshman, Bolden was an integral part of the program averaging 7.3 points per game in nearly 24 minutes of action.

Bolden attended North Gwinett high school, just a 30 minute drive from the Georgia Tech campus.