Meet Greg Oden’s half-brother, 13-year-old Joe Jones III


All college basketball aficionados/pundits/fans, and especially recruiting gurus, are looking for the next big thing. Here’s another subject presented for evidence.

Meet Joe Jones III. The Buffalo native is 6-6 at 13 years old, and his basketball pedigree runs deep. His dad, Joe Jr., was a player at Fairmont State, though that doesn’t compare to Jones III’s older half-brother, 2007 NBA Draft No. 1 pick and first-team all-American Greg Oden (Oden was born in Buffalo).

“Baby Joe” could get to the 7-0 height that Oden stands at and he’s only about to enter the eighth grade.

He’s got enough talent, albeit at a young age, to watch his progress. He’s definitely got the pedigree to do something impressive.

(Video courtesy of WIVB.)

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