VIDEO: On the day of Jason Kidd’s retirement, check out his highlights from Cal


Today, Jason Kidd called it quits on his basketball playing career. The man was in the NBA so long, a lot of people forget how incredible he was in college.

Kidd was insane. I heard endless stories from those ahead of me about his passing prowess with the Golden Bears — he averaged 7.7 assists per game as a freshman and 9.1 as a sophomore — his ability to create off the dribble (13 points per game as a freshman, 16.7 as a sophomore) and his ability to pretty much lock down anyone — he averaged over three steals per game (THREE!) in both seasons at Cal.

Here are a couple of documentary-style pieces, via YouTube, of Kidd showing out in college. Seriously, watch these.

Kidd’s freshman season


Kidd’s sophomore season

There are a few more from both his freshman and sophomore seasons, but these should do enough justice to showing everyone just how magical this guy was on a basketball court.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go out and throw no-look and behind-the-back passes to anyone who will catch them.

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