Some NCAA tourney title-game tickets going for $1,000


ATLANTA — I spent the afternoon wandering around downtown Atlanta, buying overpriced knick-knacks and souvenirs to bring home, because it’s not a Final Four if you don’t purchase a pint glass and a t-shirt specifically for the memory of spending an unnecessary $50.

While wandering, I got to asking about ticket prices on the street, and the price was astounding.

For a pair of tickets in an end zone section of the upper deck was $700 for the pair. That’s $350 each. And that sounds like a deal when you consider the fact that four tickets next to each other in section 122 were going for $4,000.


$1,000 a piece for tickets to a basketball game.

That’s utter insanity if anyone actually pays that. And here’s the scary thing: there were actually people trying to haggle with them. Now, to be fair, this was around noon on the day of the title game, meaning that the scalpers were doing what smart ticket scalpers do and aiming high with their prices. Those will likely come down as game-time gets closer and they don’t want to get stuck with useless tickets.

But still, the fact that they think that $1,000 for a ticket is actually realistic tells you all you need to know about college basketball fans.

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