Worldwide Wes denied access to credential areas at NCAA tournament (PICTURE)


William Wesley or better known as Worldwide Wes, is one of the more powerful people in the game of basketball. All of his connections weren’t enough to get him past the Lucas Oil Stadium security staff on Saturday night before the Oregon-Louisville game.

As reported by Dan Wolken of USA Today a picture of Wes (as seen below) was distributed to staff members and told to keep him out of credentialed areas.

“We were told not to let him in,” one female security guard called USA Today.

When a supervisor was asked she declined to comment. GQ profiled him as the most powerful man in basketball. Wes actively associates with high school and college prospects. Gary Parrish of summed it up pretty well in his take on the odd scene in Indianapolis:

Wesley is banned from doing whatever it is he might do at the Midwest Regional but allowed to kick it with prospects at officially sanctioned summer events. NCAA, never change. You are hilarious.

Picture courtesy/@UoLSheriff50

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