Josh Pastner’s picture used in political rap video


The picture to the right, of Josh Pastner posing with Republican congressional candidate George Flinn, showed up in a video put together a Memphis rapper Al Kapone endorsing Flinn.

The photo itself is quite funny but the use of the image is a bit of a problem.

University of Memphis employees are forbidden from publicly endorsing any political candidates, so Pastner’s people had to ask Kapone to take the image out of the video. As he told WREG, “My job is extremely political, so I have enough on my hands without getting involved in anything else.”

For what it’s worth, Pastner said that he was wearing the pink boa because he was at a breast cancer awareness function. I was going to guess it was a luau, but that’s probably a nobler cause.

Here’s the new version of the video:


(Photo credit: WREG-TV)

(h/t Jeff Eisenberg)

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