Video: Drake admits association with UK inspired him to graduate HS


Drake’s been closely involved with the Kentucky basketball team since John Calipari took over, and it shouldn’t be any wonder why.

Drake, who is a protege of Lil’ Wayne and currently one of the most famous and popular rappers, not only received a championship ring from the school, but he returned to the campus this weekend to take part in an alumni game as a celebrity head coach, opposite John Wall. His team — which included Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins — went on to win, but, as Drake tells it, he’s gotten something even bigger out of his association with the ‘Cats.

“Kentucky gave me a real home. I actually dropped out of high school,” Drake told CN2 in Kentucky (video below). “I don’t know if a lot of people know that. I never really got like, a great school experience. When coach Cal asked me to come out here for the first Midnight Madness, it just really gave me a sense of school, a sense of love, a sense of belonging to something. That’s why I feel like I belong to the UK family. That’s why I’m graduating high school this month. I’m definitely inspired by UK.”


With the amount of money he’s got coming in, I doubt that he’ll ever need that education, let alone to actually work a day in his life. That said, good for him. Valuing education is important, and I hope that he makes a big deal out of this. If it, in turn, inspires just a handful of his fans to stay in school and graduate, than it was the right decision to make.

Rob Dauster is the editor of the college basketball website Ballin’ is a Habit. You can find him on twitter @robdauster.