Recent NCAA inquiry at UCLA focuses on Anderson, not Parker


The NCAA had been investigating UCLA’s top three recruits for 2012: Shabazz Muhammad, Kyle Anderson and Tony Parker. Now – much to the continued chagrin of the Bruin fanbase — it’s just focusing on the top two. Muhammad and Anderson.

Parker, a 6-9 power forward from Georgia, had been the subject of an inquiry. But, according to Peter Yoon of, Parker has been cleared. That leaves Anderson, a 6-8 point forward from New Jersey pictured with Muhammad, still in limbo. This despite Anderson accompanying UCLA on a recent trip to China where he posted a double-double in an exhibition win against the Shanghai Sharks.

Anderson was reportedly cleared to play in those games.

UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero says the term investigation is too strong regarding the incoming freshmen and is simply certifying them to play.

“Recently, there have been misleading and inaccurate public reports regarding the initial-eligibility certification of our men’s basketball team’s incoming class,” Guerrero’s statement said. “Currently, there are two men’s basketball student-athletes who have not yet received final amateurism certification from the NCAA.”

Ah, right. And the NCAA is investigating if those two players can play, right? Right.

Muhammad, perhaps the top player in the class of 2012, did not make the trip because of the NCAA’s ongoing investigation into his relationship with two financial advisors and how his unofficial visits to college campuses were paid.

The three prospects give the Bruins one of the best incoming recruiting classes and could make them a top 10 preseason team. But any uncertainty or unavailability of Anderson or Muhammad would significantly alter that.

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