Kentucky self-reports violation involving assistant Rod Strickland to NCAA


Kentucky has committed a secondary infraction, one that the school self-reported to the NCAA, according to Kyle Tucker of the Louisville Courier-Journal.

As defined by the NCAA, a secondary infraction is a “violation that is isolated or inadvertent and provides or is intended to provide only a minimal recruiting, competitive or other advantage and does not include any significant recruiting inducement or extra benefit.”

According to records obtained by the Courier-Journal, the violation involves assistant Rod Strickland and a time when he reportedly watched film with a player, which he is not allowed to do under NCAA rules.

This from the Courier-Journal:

In compliance officer Sandy Bell’s report, the athlete said he came to meet with head coach John Calipari, but he was busy with a visitor, so he stopped by Strickland’s office. Strickland was breaking down film, which he is allowed to do, and the player asked him a question about something on the film. Strickland answered and offered some advice on how to better handle a certain play.

For the offense, Strickland was kept out of practice for two days and issued a letter of admonishment to reprimand him for the incident.

The violation is considered a “Level II Secondary.”

Schools often mistakenly commit infractions, thus the reason they self-report them, meaning that this isn’t much of worry or problem for the Wildcats.

To demonstrate its frequency, just last month Alabama self-reported 27 violations to the NCAA. Most of those within the basketball program pertained to impermissible text messages and phone calls.

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