Doane College is going on a roadtrip

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Roadtripping is a staple of the college experience.

Whether it’s a six-hour drive for a road game, a trip to Myrtle Beach for Spring Break or something as epic as the #BIAHRoadTrip, hopping in a car or van or bus with a group of friends hitting the open road is about as good as it gets.

That’s precisely what the guys from Doane College, an NAIA school in Crete, NB, will be doing over Labor Day Weekend.

Their road trip will have a bit of a twist, however.

Can you say ‘barnstorming‘?:

Beginning after classes on August 30, the Tiger players and coaches will load into four vans to begin their tour. Two vans will head east with the other two going towards the southeast part of the state. Coach Jim Weeks said that the plan is to arrive in a selected town in each county and play a 15-minute game between the two vans that are comprised of an orange squad and a black squad. The games will be contested at the local school if it can be arranged or another location such as a city park or a community building.

Once a pair of vans reaches a predetermined location, the teams will participate in shooting drills followed by a 5-on-5 game. The coaches will be tracking score as well as shooting percentage and wins/losses to create a competitive atmosphere. A cumulative total score for each orange team and each black team will be combined to determine the overall winner once the teams return to Crete.

With a season’s worth of bragging rights on the line, I’d say that those matchups could end up getting pretty intense.

And, after driving through Nebraska length-wise just eight short months ago, quite tiring.

I-80 is the devil.

Rob Dauster is the editor of the college basketball website Ballin’ is a Habit. You can find him on twitter @robdauster.