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Maybe it’s because college football is right around the corner, but there wasn’t much from the college hoops world on Monday. Maybe it was because the CBS guys were all finished with their Critical Coaches series. Yup, that must be lit.

Let’s hit the (Executive-size) links.

– Your #ReadoftheDay comes from Tim Crothers of Sports Illustrated on the growth and maturity of North Carolina State’s C.J Leslie

– This is unquestionably the funniest entry you will see regarding the Matt Roth situation at Indiana. In Fact, it may be the funniest entry   you read all month, of any matter

– Southern Cal is taking a different approach towards social media. They’re actually embracing it. Imagine that. Might not be the smartest thing in the world, but at least they are doing it

– North Carolina guard Dexter Strickland confirmed yesterday that he has fulled healed from his ACL injury and subsequent surgery, and has been cleared by doctors to play for the Tar Heels this year

– An awesome stock report on the potential of all  three UConn-transfers

– The Horizion League released a copy of it’s regular season schedule yesterday

– As much as I enjoy and appreciate all the fine work done by Xavier coach Chris Mack, I just can’t help but kinda agree with this

– 7-foot-1 JuCo-transfer David Nyarsuk was cleared by the NCAA to participate at Cincinnati. There is however, no sources that indicate he has been able to recover from this

– Josh Pastner continues to haul in top recruits,this time with five-star swing-man Nick King

– Sweet, now I’m never going to be able to get a ticket to the Aircraft Carrier Game No.3 between Florida Georgetown #Sarcasm

According to scientific studies, an increase in enrollment numbers is directly correlated to the success of specific teams

– You know, as cool as he is, I’ve always kinda though Kendall Marshall is just a weird guy. I dunno, maybe it’s just me

– This might be geared more towards college football, but I still think it’s an important matter: Is the quality of Oregon cheeleaders declining?

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