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If I didn’t know better, I’d think Team USA is out there trying to prove to Magic and M.J. that 2012 is better than 1992. When did the Dream Team ever win by 85? When did the Dream Team ever score 156 points in one game? Nigeria never had a chance. But former-George Mason star Tony Skinn had the lone bright spot for the Nigerians, crisscrossing the ankles of James Harden into tiny pieces

– Glen Logan is unquestionably one of the best team-specific bloggers in the college hoops blogosphere. The “A Sea Of Blue” writer penned a phenomenal response to Rob Dauster’s Wednesday article about the dark underbelly of college recruiting. I love it when fans pour it on Rob. He’s always available for your heckling and besmirching at @RobDauster. Tell him I sent you.

– Speaking of Kentucky, assistant coach Rod Strickland was arrested for driving on a DUI suspended license on Thursday morning. It turns out Strickland’s suspension ended months ago. That’s kinda of a big mistake to make

– Hell, while we’re already talking about Kentucky, I might as well drop you a line about Rush The Court’s offseason report on the reigning National Champions

– Remember when the NCAA promised harsher penalties for violating the rules? Well, the day has come for those penalties to be put in place. The NCAA committee has endorsed a new structure that would issue strict reprimands such as lengthy post-season bans and larger fines

– Tom Izzo, recently ranked by Athlon as the top coach in college hoops, got some serious dap from the rap community. And by “serious dap” I mean “YouTube rappers make weed anthem about Spartans head coach“. Yeah, that just happened.

– Rutgers coach Mike Rice talks about winning the Big East. Sounds kinda ridiculous, right? Wrong. I think Rice is on to something. It might take longer than expected. But Rutgers is on the rise

– Five months after being fired from Alabama-Birmingham, Mike Davis has accepted the head coaching job at Texas Southern

– Ever wonder what all the terms & conditions of a mid-major coaching salary looked like? Take a peek at the new contract of Ohio’s Jim Christian

– In case you missed it: Tom Penders made some pretty strong accusations about a Big-XII program regarding illegal recruiting payments

– ICYMI part II: Ken Caldwell doesn’t know what the truth is

– Tulsa center Kodi Maduka officially announced his retirement on Thursday due to recurring health issues

– Missouri’s starting guard Phil “Flip” Pressey suffered a mild knee sprain on Wednesday when he knocked knees with a teammate at practice. The junior leader will be held out of practices the next few days, and head coach Frank Haith has discussed holding Pressey out of the team’s trip to Europe which begins next Wednesday

– Jabari Parker, the nation’s top 2013 recruit, is likely to take his sweet time making a decision

– Never thought I’d see the day that the Battle 4 Atlantis has the most loaded bracket of all the preseason tournaments

– I dunno. Part of me loves this song. The other part of me thinks the chicks in the video are hot. I can’t decide

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