Coach K, yoga master?

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Social media has allowed us to take a look into the inside teams that we typically don’t see, especially during the Olympics.

The United State Men’s Basketball Team has been especially fun, with players tweeting pictures of other players in less-than-flattering situations, including this gem of Carmelo Anthony sleeping.

We got another good one, courtesy of Deron Williams, who posted to his Instagram page what appears to be a photo of head coach Mike Krzyzewski doing yoga at practice.

The tweet garnered over 220 retweets on Twitter and, above all else, is a different look at a legendary college coach.

As Eamonn Brennan points out over at, it looks like Coach K is practicing his “child’s pose,” which is supposed to relieve stress and fatigue, as well as gently stretch the hips, thighs, and ankles.

Have we uncovered the secret to Coach K’s success at Duke? Unlikely, but at least we’re having some fun during what is an intense grind for Team USA in London.

The Americans defeated France in their first game of Olympic competition, 98-71, and take on Tunisia at 5:15 PM EDT Tuesday.

In another note related to college basketball, former Kentucky star Anthony Davis could see minutes against a Tunisian team that is the only in Olympic competition to not have an NBA player on the roster.

Team USA is the heavy favorite.

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