Coach Cal’s latest scheduling idea is … awesome?


John Calipari has, apparently, gotten sick of all the complaining about the way he builds his Kentucky team’s schedule.

“Why aren’t you playing Indiana?”

“Why aren’t you playing North Carolina?”

Why aren’t you playing Kansas and Louisville, too?”

But Cal has one simple question for the rest of the nation: why aren’t those teams playing each other?

That’s what sits at the core of his latest proposal, which was lined out by Andy Katz Monday morning. His plan is for each of Kentucky, Louisville, Kansas, UNC and Indiana to play the other four teams annually. Two home games. Two road games. Every year. It’s daunting, especially when you consider that these programs will likely be playing in early-season events — the Maui Invitational, the Carrier Classic, the Jimmy V Classic, what have you — before they begin conference play.

And that’s one of the reasons that Cal is making this proposal: he doesn’t think the other teams will ever agree to it. But now that it is out there, the focus can shift else where. It’s no longer his fault that every possible marquee matchup doesn’t take place.

I’ll leave you with one final point: MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!

Anyhow, anyway, anywhere, I don’t care. You know how awesome the Champion’s Classic is? This would be double that and played in on campus venues.


Rob Dauster is the editor of the college basketball website Ballin’ is a Habit. You can find him on twitter @robdauster.