No Big 12 expansion expected in near future, commissioner says


Months after the future of the conference was uncertain, commissioner Bob Bowlsby said Monday at Big 12 media day that the conference was content with its current members and, though it is not taking an absolutist stand against the possibility of expansion, is likely not going to welcome any more schools in the near future.

“If we voted today we wouldn’t take any new members,” Bowlsby told reporters, as reported by the Kansas City Star.

The conference is bringing in West Virginia and TCU and, despite a whirlwind of rumors about schools that included Clemson, Florida State, and Louisville joining the Big 12, Bowlsby sees more stability than instability in his conference.

“Now, having said that, expansion is on every conference’s list of discussion items,” Bowlsby said. ” I don’t think we can ever afford not to think about it.

“We believe it should be very difficult to get into this group of institutions. It should be the toughest fraternity in America to join, and the only people that have a chance to join it are those that bring something that is very substantial.”

As Burnt Orange Nation points out, part of the reason the conference would only welcome a school that brings something substantial is because of what it always boils down to: money.

The conference’s television deal, split as it is now, would only make for a smaller slice of the pie if another team were added.

Bowlsby, the former Stanford athletic director, was hired back in May to head the conference.

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