The Morning Mix


Today’s Morning Mix is short but sweet. I decided to extend birthday festivities from Sunday into Monday. You would too if you could.

– This is unquestionably the best list you will read all week, and it’s only just Monday. Ranking the months on the sporting calendar

Here’s a an advertisement for a barber shop featuring “on-again, off-again “Syracuse guard Mookie Jones. I’m pretty sure there is a NCAA rule that prohibits this sort of thing (Not if Jay Bilas was the NCAA president though)

– 2013 recruit Rondae Jefferson is featured in a remake of the classic Spike Lee/Michael Jordan “Mars Blackmon” commercial

– Kyle Wiltjer, the leader of Kentucky’s viral video department, The W.B.A. (White Boys Academy) made another wildy entertaining video, this time with more freestyling and breakdancing in the parking lot of a McDonalds

– Bill Walton is going to be a lot more visible in the college hoops scene in the next year

– The Kansas Jayhawks were featured in 3 of the top 50 most watched sporting events in the first half of 2012.  Kentucky was also featured three times

– Speaking of Kansas, former Jayhawks are being linked to active members of a drug ring 

– The NCAA is invading Canada (Or “Canada is invading the NCAA”. It’s really up to you which way you say it)

– According to a  poster I had up on my wall from ages 7-12, Bo Jackson did play basketball

– What if former-Vermont skywalker Marquis Blakely played football? (My guess: Jerome Simpson’s flip-catch would be a weekly occurrence) 

– This is from Friday but is still worth your time: Is Seth Curry glad that Austin Rivers isn’t at Duke anymore?

– Kansas-recruit Conner Frankamp broke his foot at an AAU tournament over the weekend and will be sidelined for six to eight weeks

– UConn lost its final APR appeal over the weekend. But it was revealed, although unofficial, that Jim Calhoun is likely to stay at UConn for at least two more years

Deron Snyder drops some quality opinion on the potential age limit for Olympic hoops

– Gary Parrish provides a bevy of news and notes from the Nike Global Challenge, held in Arlington Va. (Parrish was in the D.M.V. and I wasn’t notified? For shame, people, for shame)

Troy Machir is the managing editor of the college basketball website Ballin’ is a Habit. You can find him on twitter @TroyMachir.