Northwestern assistant Fred Hill sends handwritten letters to reel in recruits


When the NCAA deregulated texting rules this spring and allowed coaches the power of unlimited texting, commentators predicted two outcomes: One, that players would be inundated with text messages from coaches (which they were) and two, that coaches would have to find a balance with their newly found freedom.

But what if coaches didn’t rely on that to lure recruits to their programs?

That was and continues to be the case with Northwestern assistant Fred Hill who, since his time at Lehigh early in his career, has been sending handwritten letters to recruits.

It paid off for Hill recently, as Northwestern grabbed a commitment from New Jersey guard Jaren Sina, a Top 100 player in the Class of 2013 and one of the biggest fish the Wildcats have caught in a while.

“There’s no rhyme or reason to the notes,” Hill told “There might be two or three notes at one time, but it could lead from a conversation that we had or just something that strikes me that’s pertinent to that young man’s life.“

In a recruiting world flooded with texts and phone calls (which Hill still utilizes) and social media (which he says he’ll stay away from), sticking to a proven method sets Northwestern apart.

Sina will be the centerpiece of a program that is looking to make its first ever appearance in the NCAA tournament, which actually ended up being a motivating factor in his decision.

“It would be such a great opportunity for the program and I want to be part of it,” said Sina in the piece. “It’s a great goal to strive for.”