Why does the Internet dislike Texas A&M’s SEC intro video so much?

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The Internet seems to be the ultimate judge of quality video content these days. Bring it out into the public square and cyberspace, and you’ll see how well it’s received. Granted, you could shrug off any criticism if you wanted, but sometimes the crowds speak the truth.

The latest sports-related video to receive a resounding “No!” from the internet community comes from Texas A&M, as the school put together a welcome video to celebrate its move to the SEC.

Basic premise: Recite chants from each of the SEC members, then end with the A&M president giving a few words and a Rick Perry-esque thumbs up. My favorite guy? The Arkansas Razorbacks kid. Such a manufactured enthusiasm. It’s a thing of beauty.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the video had 669 dislikes and just 53 likes. Judge for yourself below:


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