Huh. Who knew Xavier couldn’t hit a quick 3 after a score?


Summer is for sun and fun. Or churning through statistical analysis, depending on what your work schedule’s like.

Maybe that’s why a writer named Reggieball over at Burnt Orange Nation spent some time churning through the team pages at Hoop Math for five interesting nuggets. They mostly expand on stuff you already knew, but one interested me, mostly because I often tried doing it in pickup hoops last week. (Ah, summer has arrived.)

Counter punching quickly with the 3-pointers rarely works out.

Apparently teams that shot a 3 within 10 seconds of a score made just 32 percent of them. If they took them within five seconds of a made basket, they made just 30 percent of them. (And yes, as he notes, many of those may be ill-advised shots or often rushed because of a deficit.)

For example, Xavier made just 6 percent of its 3-pointers taken within 10 seconds of an opponent’s basket. Considering the Musketeers made 35 percent of their 3s as a team, that’s an astounding number. (It did jump to 39 percent after 11 seconds.)

Guess I’ll keep that in mind when I got the 3 on 2 break and pull up for a transition 3…

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