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It’s Friday 6/22/2012 and LeBron James is a World Champion.

Mark it down.

Worst.News.Ever: Grizzled-WVU forward Denis Kilicli shaved his trademark beard

Attacking rival billboards seems to be “all the new rage”

– Apparently some of my so-called “co-workers” decided to take a poll and chose not to get my opinions. It cuts deep, ya’ll. Don’t think I won’t remember this

– Matt Norlander continues to exhibit excellence in off-season evaluations, in the broad variety

– A solid list of the top prospects from the Big East that you may have forgotten about

Fran Fraschilla provides a breakdown of his top-5 “Under the radar” teams in 2012-2013

– Eamonn Brennan follows suit by providing a list of his top-ten breakout candidates next season. Guys like Kyle Wiltjer, Sam Dower, Michael Carter-Williams and Le’Bryan Nash are all expected to have eyebrow-raising seasons in 2012-2013

– Jeff Borzello asks the question that never seems to  go away: Should the one-and-done rule change?

– Former-North Carolina guard Shammond Williams has decided to become a Paladin. Please tell me you know who the Paladins are?

– I like to imagine that I stay up to date on the pulse of the sports world. But this is the first I’ve heard of any “NBA World Cup of Basketball“. Am I alone?

– Former-Louisville forward Rakeem Buckles (Third Team All-Name) has decided to transfer from one Pitino to another, and will Rick’s son Richard at Florida International

– I was told there would be no change. That’s what MAAC members were saying Thursday, when it was speculated that the MAAC tournament format might get altered for the 2015 season

– For those of you interested in the subject, here’s Seton Hall’s tentative  2012-2013 non-conference schedule

– I think John Jenkins has a place in the NBA. Do scouts think the same? Where will the versatile scorer go? Anchor of Gold tries to predict the answers

– In-state non-conference games are always a good thing to do. While it doesn’t seem like a great game to watch, Bucknell vs. Penn State is a nice match-up

– I was a big fan of Hubert Davis as a analyst. But I’m also a fan of Jalen Rose. Which is why I approve of this speculation (there’s also a tidbit about former-Hokie head coach Seth Greenberg in there_