The Morning Mix


You can all blame the late sport endings on Father’s Day for the lack of The Morning Mix yesterday. No, that’s not an excuse. It’s an explanation of the circumstances in which I was rendered unavailable.

– Mid-June is the perfect time to roll out a  “My favorite CBall moments” blog post. This one seems to focus on the little guys shocking the world. Works for me

– Prolific Vermont scorer Four McGlynn (A.K.A. The odds-on favorite to win the 2012 #BIAHAllNameTeam Namesmith Award) is transfering to Towson. After two seasons of near-futility, the Tigers might be on the prowl

– You should all be well aware that the brand new recruiting rules regarding text messaging and contact through social media went in to effect this past weekend. What we shouldn’t have all been aware of is that reporters and writers kept track of which coaches contacted who first. Justin Jackson, Jahlil Okafor, BeeJay Any

– Shame on you if you’ve yet to become a fan of Creighton big-man Gregory Echenique. Even if you aren’t a fan of the pink shoes, you can certainly become a fan of this

– Even now in 2012, LEGOs are never not cool

– This next link has almost nothing to do with college hoops. But it’s a video from a student at Utah State. If you’re a true fan of college hoops, you’re a fan of Utah State…..Oh,  did I mention it’s a video of a guy using a Ghostbusters-like apparatus to climb walls like Spider-Man? Yeah…..Make sure you watch this

– Jabari Parker, the top recruit in the class of 2013, has already chosen his announcement date. It’s in November. That’s like five months away. High Schoolers are crazy

– What you may have missed from this past weekend: Boston University is leaving the America-East

– Wake Forest-transfer Tony Chennault has been granted a hardship waiver by the NCAA and will be able to play for Villanova in 2012-2013

– Speaking of Wake Forest, the DemoN Deacons nabbed themselves a recruit. Small forward Greg McClinton has decided to don the black and gold

Jeff Eisenberg tries to debunk the “myth” of World Wide Wes”

– Highly touted recruit Savon Goodman has decided to attend UNLV, spurning Pittsburgh at the last-minute. Goodman will join ex-Panther Khem Birch in Vegas. Am I the only one who would enjoy an early December between Pitt and UNLV at, say…. The Petersen Zoo? Hell, this game would be awesome at the Thomas & Mack Center too. Somebody make it happen

– Looking for the next CBball “success story? Look no further than West Virginia’s Noah Cottrill

Memphis’ Will Barton: “The NBA is about Winning..Duh. WINNING”

– Dayton-transfer Ralph Hill (#BIAHAllNameTeam throwback) will attend Oakland University

– Just imagine if the entire 2012-2013 Kentucky Wildcats squad had flat tops like Nerlens Noel

Troy Machir is the managing editor of the college basketball website Ballin’ is a Habit. You can find him on twitter @TroyMachir.