Report: AAU to implement mandatory screening for coaches, volunteers, staff


As a way to develop accountability and protect the safety of participants, the Amateur Athletic Union is expected to announce newly crafted mandatory screening procedures for all adult coaches, volunteers, and staff, the Associated Press is reporting.

The AAU had been conducting a six-month investigation into the matter, which produced a 30-page report with proposed changes to the system of checks and balances, in reference to screening of coaches and staff.

The Associated Press reports that a press conference is to be held Tuesday to publicly reveal the findings of the report and the recommendations made within it.

“The AAU is acting decisively because its first priority is not to protect the AAU brand, but to protect the thousands of youth athletes in our events,” AAU president Louis Stout is quoted as saying.

Revisions to current policy would make random screenings of personnel into mandatory reviews.

The initial investigation was launched, following decades-old allegations surfaced in December against former AAU president Bobby Dodd. The organization has severed ties with Dodd and has not faced allegations from other accusers.

With 124 years of history, the AAU is the longest-standing organization for youth athletics in the country, featuring 30 sports programs, ranging from basketball and football to bocce ball and competitive jump rope.

Over time, AAU basketball has played a more integral part in college recruiting, and, today, has arguably overtaken high school basketball as the No. 1 determinant of college exposure and evaluation.

Daniel Martin is a writer and editor at, covering St. John’s. You can find him on Twitter:@DanielJMartin_