Barry University hoopster Chad Renfro survives shark attack

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Of the many injuries that a college basketball player can suffer, it’s a safe bet that there aren’t many who have been sidelined due to a shark bite.

That’s exactly what happened to Barry University basketball player Chad Renfro, who was bitten by a shark while surfing on a beach in Jacksonville.

The end result: 85 stitches, but luckily for Renfro his left foot is still there and he’ll be able to play basketball again.

The force of the bite was strong but Renfro managed to make it to shore even through the excruciating pain.

Lifeguards rushed in and transported Renfro to the hospital. The shark’s teeth were so sharp, they sliced a tendon and resulted in 85 stitches.

Renfro was relieved after he saw the damaged done by the shark. As a basketball player for Barry, he knew the bite wasn’t bad enough to keep him from playing ball. “It wasn’t as bad as losing your whole foot,” he said.

Renfro has to be a tough player to be able to make it back to shore in spite of the painful bite. If you can endure a shark attack does a long practice seem all that bad? Probably not.

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