Louisville’s scholarships, Montrezl Harrell and an epic comment thread

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While Devonta Pollard slowly draws out his recruitment, Montrezl Harrell — the former Virginia Tech commit who was recently released from his letter of intent — has become the nation’s hottest recruit.

And according to Joe Davis of Scoutsfocus.com, Harrell now has a top four: Louisville, Florida, Cincinnati and Alabama. Billy Donovan will be coaching Harrell from June 5th to the 12th at the Olympic Qualifiers, which probably won’t hurt his chances to land the 6-foot-8 forward, but most believe the Cardinals to be the favorite. Why? Because Rick Pitino hired Harrell’s high school coach, Kevin Keatts, of Hargrave Military Academy.

The problem was that Louisville didn’t have a scholarship available for Harrell. Key word: didn’t. Because they apparently do now.

Originally, my intention for this post was to speculate about how Pitino freed up that scholarship. To research some theories, I started perusing some of the Louisville sites when I stumbled upon an epic thread from Card Chronicle, speculating on where the scholarship could be coming from. Here are just a few of the best comments:

Should we live like there’s no toMarra? That won’t be VanTreese-y… I’d hit Rak bottom.

Rozier being ineligible would be Terryble.

Stop freaking out. Just wait and Siva.

keeping everybody on board would be impRussive.

But Ware are the scholarships coming from?

Hopefully, not from Blackshear. That would Wayne on our parade.

Better not be Gorgui. I don’t give a Dieng how bad we need them.

Tough decisions, but that’s the Price of excellence.

Luke for the coming announcement.

I’m Behanan to think that you’re serious. I think we’re out of players.

Is there no Justice anymore!? How can you say we’re out of players.

I meant current players! You wanna Swop punches?

No life is all Goode.

I’m done.

In all seriousness, figuring out how Pitino freed up a scholarship requires a mathematics degree and two years worth of studying the NCAA’s rules manual.

Also, here’s a mixtape of Harrell from his final high school season:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=biFhAm-d-z8%5D

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