Will Michigan re-hang the Fab Five’s banners in 2013?

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That’s a question that some Michigan fans may have with the school’s ten-year disassociation (due to NCAA sanctions) with members of those teams (and the 1997 and 1998 squads) coming to an end in 2013.

But while that aspect of Michigan’s penalty will come to an end, the answer isn’t exactly cut and dry according to Kevin Bull and Mark Snyder of the Detroit Free Press.

In fact it’s unlikely that the Final Four banners from 1992 and 1993 will go up next year, despite the school then being allowed to associate with the members who made those seasons so special (on the court).

There’s no reason to think Michigan will open its arms, either. U-M president Mary Sue Coleman said to students this spring she doesn’t think it’s right to restore the removed banners — from Final Four appearances in 1992 and 1993 with Chris Webber and 1997 NIT and 1998 Big Ten tournament titles with the late Robert Traylor — and U-M athletic director Dave Brandon told reporters that he doesn’t even know if it’s a consideration, given the high-profile penalties.

Also in question are the banners earned by the 1997 (NIT title) and 1998 (Big Ten tournament title) teams.

The Free Press took a look at other programs that have had their Final Four appearances vacated due to NCAA sanctions, and to their knowledge only Massachusetts (1996) and Western Kentucky (1971) still have banners hanging in their arenas.

Jalen Rose has been the most vocal when it comes to getting the banners back in Crisler Arena, even suggesting that he may reconsider the academic scholarships to Michigan that he’s currently endowing.

There’s still time for Michigan to revisit the issue, but given past comments from both President Coleman and athletic director Dave Brandon a change of heart doesn’t seem likely.

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